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    Victoria 3 (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

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    Enter the uncertain times of the XIXth century and lead one of the dozens of nations into prosperity. Mind economy, industry and different social groups and build the greatest empire the world has ever seen!

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      Victoria 3 (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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      • Victoria 3 is a long-awaited title by one of the most famous game developers, Paradox Development Studio. It throws the player into the fascinating period of the XIX and early XX century. The world becomes a sandbox in a political game. One of the greatest aspects of Victoria 3 is the freedom it gives to the player. They can choose not only the nation they want to lead but the way they want to do it is also entirely up to them. It's a great game for any fan of grand strategy games as well as enthusiasts of the time period as Victoria 3 is also full of atmosphere and it's easy to get immersed in the dynamic world of the XIX century.

        Victoria 3


        Victoria 3 doesn't have a story per se, it's a sandbox strategy game where you create your own story through the decisions you're making. The world of the XIX is given to you in its state of 1836 and you have 100 years to lead one of the nations to greatness... or downfall. The game reflects the time of great changes in industry, economy and society. It's up to you if you want to implement new ideas or stay true to your roots and uphold traditions. The decisions you make will impact your country and its people but you have to remember that people around you may not like them. Political struggles, both internal and international will require your constant attention and careful planning. Whether you want to change the world for the better and carve your path to glory through violence you will have to maneuver carefully in an international arena!


        Victoria 3 game spans world history from 1836 to 1936. You can choose any country from that period and take control of it. In this game, one of the most important features is the various groups of people that live in your country. These groups have various interests, whether common or conflicting. Managing them is crucial to achieving balance and development of the economy and industry. 

        Victoria 3

        Speaking of which, to build an industrial empire you'll have to engage in trade. Buy cheap resources and find a way to process and sell them for profit. You'll have to take into account your own capabilities as well as factors such as the workforce to get a chance to dominate the global market. 

        War and diplomacy go hand in hand. Not every conflict can be resolved diplomatically, and not every war has to be long and bloody. You can flex your industry and military power to intimidate and impress other countries to gain an advantage, form alliances to be safer... and betray your allies if it serves your best interest. It's like a game of chess where you have to be two moves ahead of your opponent to win.

        Key features

        • Period of 100 to shape the world as one of the dozens of nations
        • Intricate system of managing social groups
        • Complex diplomacy with dozens of options
        • Immersive visuals and music with historical accuracy
        • Total freedom of gameplay (single-player or pvp)

        Data wydania: 2022-10-25

      • Ograniczenia:

        ESRB Teen
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