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    Manor Lords (PC) - Steam Key - EUROPE

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    Play Manor Lords, available in early access on Steam, and construct your most magnificent city! Engage in economic and tactical gameplay, earn money and fight to create the best place to live in the harsh reality of the ...

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      • Manor Lords is a strategic city builder set in realistically designed medieval times. The game features city-builder elements and tactical battles on a massive scale. The title is created by Slavic Magic studio and is the work of a single developer. Manor Lords is currently available in early access on Steam.

        Manor Lords Gameplay

        Manor Lords takes place in medieval Europe and does not feature a story campaign. It combines elements of a strategic and tactical game. Get ready for incredibly realistic gameplay in the challenging medieval times and construct your mighty city!

        Manor Lords Battle

        Place the buildings exactly where you wish. In the Manor Lords video game, you can rotate buildings and place them in a place of your choice. Turn the camera, zoom in, and out to get a closer look at your design from all sides. Pay attention to the terrain, the proximity of trade routes and secure your town to always have an advantage over the enemy. Order the villagers to work to make them earn their living and pay taxes. Improve your villages, enjoy crafting, get rich and discover new possibilities to seize power!

        Embark on large scale battles! Expand the army, place your units wisely on the map and be ready for an attack from all sides. Expect your enemy's every move and attack him by surprise. The high realism of the graphics will show you every aspect of a proper medieval battle. Immerse yourself in the brutal world of sieges, open attacks, and the powerful war machines. It's up to you how you use them! Combine strategy with tactics, manage the economy, take power and win. There are many random difficulties in the gameplay, like hunger, plagues, or cold winter. Do not give up, and keep completing your fabulous work!

        Manor Lords Base Building

        Manor Lords Reception

        The simulation is available in early access on Steam and requires many improvements, but it looks promising. Players are delighted with the outstanding level of graphics and historical realism.

        Key features

        • Move to the tricky realities of medieval Europe and build your most powerful city
        • Place buildings wherever you want
        • Pay attention to the terrain and the proximity to trade routes
        • Engage in economic gameplay to develop your city
        • Embark on great battles and conduct epic sieges
        • Fight against hunger, plagues, and weather conditions

        Manor Lords FAQ

        What engine powers Manor Lords?

        Developed by a solo developer, this game leverages the powerful Unreal Engine to breathe new life into the RTS/Builder genre.

        Who developed Manor Lords?

        Manor Lords is a game developed by Slavic Magic and published by Hooded Horse, set to redefine the strategy game landscape.

        Does Manor Lords offer multiplayer gameplay?

        Manor Lords is dedicated to providing an exceptional single-player experience, focusing on strategic depth and realism without multiplayer or cooperative modes.

        What are the system requirements for Manor Lords?

        To enjoy Manor Lords, players will need at least 16 GB of available space on their storage devices. For further requirements check out the System requirements section.

        During what period is Manor Lords set?

        Set in the 14th century, Manor Lords invites players to command their medieval empire starting April 26th, 2024. This game combines city building and strategy, offering players opportunities for expansion through warfare or diplomacy.

        Will Manor Lords be available on game consoles?

        Manor Lords is set to expand its reach to console players, launching on Xbox and accessible through Xbox Game Pass soon after its initial release.

        How are battles portrayed in Manor Lords?

        Manor Lords aims to bring the chaos and complexity of real battlefields to life, focusing on the intricate details of military tactics such as unit formations, morale, flanking, and fatigue. Players are also challenged to adapt their strategies to the whims of changing weather and varied terrains, enhancing the realism and depth of the gameplay.

        What customization options are available in Manor Lords?

        Players can personalize their gameplay experience in Manor Lords by selecting character portraits, designing their coat of arms, and naming their Lord or Lady, allowing for a unique and tailored gaming experience.

        Is there a non-combat mode in Manor Lords?

        For those who prefer city-building over combat, Manor Lords offers a "peaceful" scenario variant. This mode allows players to focus solely on developing their cities without the pressures of military engagement.

        Data wydania: 2024-04-26

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      • Ograniczenia:

        ESRB Teen
        PEGI 12

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