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      RPG Maker MZ (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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      • RPG Maker Mz is the latest installment of an advanced, yet user-friendly, game creator by KADOKAWA cooperating with Gotcha Gotcha Games, and Yoji Ojima. The new RPG Maker MZ is the 9th edition of the software that has its beginning in 1992. While using the RPG Maker, users can create unique RPG adventures, in the characteristic of the Japanese game's style. The program allows us to create the whole game from scratch, including characters, heroes, villains, and even the whole maps for your jRPG!

        Create unique heroes using the Character Generator

        Every player knows that the game's character is one of the most (if not the most) important elements of almost any game. Characters are one of the reasons we are so engaged during the gameplay, we want to know more about their adventures, and identify with them. That is why RPG Maker Mz features an advanced Character Generator, allowing you to create your own hero (or villain).

        RPG Maker MZ

        You can use a variety of different options, and design the character exactly the way you want. Choose from a wide range of hairstyles, eye colors, clothes, accessories, and many more. In addition to that, you can even create our own color using the palette feature, and adjust the position of your character's elements!

        Map Editor, allowing to create a unique and engaging world

        Creating a new map using RPG Maker Mz is incredibly easy. The software features many different tiles that will satisfy most of the users. They can simply 'paint' them on the map and that's it! A variety of tiles allows creating unique and diversified worlds, suitable for any adventure. You can also adjust and rearrange any element of the environment, depending on your personal preferences. It is worth mentioning that RPG Maker Mz returns with the Layers Function - it allows you to select the map layer you are drawing on. The feature was very missed by many users, as it was last implemented in RPG Maker XP.

        Animations Editor

        Animations will breathe life into your game. Thanks to an advanced animations editor, you will be able to create stunning effects such as spectacular spells and attacks. All it takes is just a few simple mouse clicks. Additionally, RPG Maker MZ supports Effekseer, an open-source particle allowing you to create beautiful and spectacular 2D and 3D effects. Using this feature will allow you to design much more dynamic battles, with a variety of spectacular animations.

        RPG Maker MZ

        Powerful Plug-ins

        Plug-ins give you even more control and freedom in creating your dream RPG game. Those small bits of code can change practically anything within your game. Create your own, unique Plug-ins, or use the ones created by other members of the RPG-making community! This small but powerful feature gives you full control over your projects. In RPG Maker MZ, the Plugin management is much easier and more user-friendly than it was ever before.

        Key Features

        • Powerful, yet simple game designing software.
        • Create your game from scratch.
        • Very intuitive interface and features.
        • Create beautiful animations thanks to Effekseer support.
        • Play your creation!

        Data de lansare:: 2020-08-20

      • Mai jos sunt specificațiile minime și recomandate de sistem pentru RPG Maker MZ (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Datorită posibilelor modificări de programare, cerințele minime de sistem pentru RPG Maker MZ (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL se pot modifica în timp.
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