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    What future awaits humanity on its journey to the stars? Discover the sandbox nature of retro-futuristic colonization adventureExperience one of the biggest challenges that mankind has ever undertaken. Test your ability ...

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    • Surviving Mars (PC) for Steam platform is a digital download product – no box included. The price applies to a digital version of the product.

      What future awaits humanity on its journey to the stars? 

      Discover the sandbox nature of retro-futuristic colonization adventure

      Experience one of the biggest challenges that mankind has ever undertaken. Test your ability to plan for survival. As a part of a space agency-founded mission to Mars, you have to establish livable conditions. Determine the agency to go with, which will specify your cargo limit and funding, among other benefits.

      One of the initial challenges of this colony builder is simply figuring out what you need to do and how you can do it. The realism of the heart of Surviving Mars is just unbelievable! Send a wave of adorable little drones to lay a foundation, set up mining facilities, gather resources, and set up domes that are actually habitable spaces for humans to live in.

      Construct & plan your own Mars colony

      As your handful of drones trundle down the ramp of your reusable rockets, your first job will be to place the prefabricated drone hub. Construct solar panels and connect them with power lines, find a source of concrete to dredge up, and start to turn water into fuel for the rockets to make the return trip. Learn that attention to detail and planning are vital to your success. 

      Gradually expand your base, making sure that there is a steady supply of water, oxygen, and power before building a habitable dome and then the accommodations and the services within. Manage your colonists, the flow of resources, and constantly expand your alien home.

      Get some humans on the red planet

      Running a huge Mars colony requires a variety of specialized professionals. You will need geologists down in the resource mining facility, engineers in the factories, and scientists in the research labs.

      Make sure that your humans are kept busy and geared towards self-sufficiency: researching, building farms, mines, and fuel production lines, making mechanical parts, and more! Picking the colonists with the right specializations and character quirks is pretty important. Carefully filter all the applicants for your Martian expedition.

      Finding yourself short of any one of the core resources can completely screw you over, causing a ripple effect through your colony if you aren’t flexible enough to deal with it.

      Deal with the unpredictability of the mysteries of Mars

      Surviving Mars features many unexpected hazards that increase the overall difficulty.

      Are you ready to face the raw, brutal, and alien nature? There are dust storms that can blow through and disrupt your fragile infrastructure.

      Prepare yourself for occasional meteor strikes and many mysteries of Mars itself. These narrative events (which are random by default, but can be specifically chosen or just turned off entirely if you don’t want them) add an extra adversity for you to overcome.

      Develop your technologies in various ways

      Explore the fascinating research tree which gives you various technologies in a randomized order. Build larger domes, develop production instead of simply trading resources back to Earth, and improve your colony’s efficiency.

      Make significant scientific breakthroughs, sometimes unveiling bits of Mars’ mystery. Investigate the anomalies of the area that you’re scanning. Manage a huge, sprawling colony and remember that all resources need to flow smoothly from one into the other to keep buildings in good maintenance.

      Key features

      • An advanced, colony building sandbox adventure
      • Terraform an alien planet into your own place to live
      • Various resources & raw materials to mine
      • Different space agencies to choose from
      • Many unexpected and dangerous events that can destroy your colony
      • Mysteries of Mars—discover several mysteries of the red planet
      • Numerous applicants for your crew, filter and hire only specialized professionals
      • Beautifully designed visuals in the spirit of retro-futurism

      Release Date: 2018-03-15

    • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Surviving Mars Steam Key GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Surviving Mars Steam Key GLOBAL may change over time.
    • English
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