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    The unique team-ups of man and machine return in Titanfall 2. Become a pilot of a massive Titan, a powerful mech equipped for many ways of laying waste on your enemies. Learn about the world in a solid singleplayer ca ...

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      • The unique team-ups of man and machine return in Titanfall 2. Become a pilot of a massive Titan, a powerful mech equipped for many ways of laying waste on your enemies. Learn about the world in a solid singleplayer campaign and test yourself against other players in several engaging multiplayer modes. The fate of interstellar conflict rests in your and your mech's hands.

        Fast and three-dimensional Pilot gameplay

        With the addition of the grappling hook and Phase Shift abilities to your Pilot's potential loadout, the traversal and mobility reach a never before seen level. Phase Shift helps you backstab enemies. Grappling hook will have you swing around the maps, drag your enemies closer for a bullet in the face, or help you rodeo enemy titans in a revamped Titan takedown system. With jump-packs and wall running coming back from Titanfall 1, playing as a Pilot is an acrobatic and graceful dance of death.

        Brand new Titans

        Titanfall 2 features six new freshly manufactured titans with diverse abilities. From fire-spitting Scorch able to create walls of fire and flaming shields to sword-wielding Ronin able to phase across the battlefield, the mechs of Titanfall 2 have something for everyone. Fans of mobile snipers will enjoy Northstar, while heavy weapon enthusiasts will find Legion's Gatling-like Predator Cannon a blast. Every Titan has four active abilities to use at any time.

        Full singleplayer campaign

        The conflict between Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and the Militia gets personal. Play as rifleman Jack Cooper, a regular soldier who is suddenly granted a veteran Vanguard Class BT-7274 Titan, BT for friends. See them progress through a hostile world, sharing war stories, interacting, and building a connection, the nature of which you will determine with the help of a dialogue system. Experience what the developers call "a vision of grand global colonial warfare, retelling the story of the American Revolution and the American Civil War in space".

        Futuristic gadgets enrich Titanfall 2 gameplay

        In Titanfall 2 the Pilots have some interesting and devastating technology to play with even outside of their Titans. From a Firestar igniting the enemies it hits, to a game-changing Gravity Star which creates a sphere of increased gravity pulling in Pilots and letting you shoot them at your leisure. Use cloaking systems, deployable particle shields or enemy-detecting pulse blades and define your playstyle.

        Three new multiplayer modes

        Titanfall 2 multiplayer introduces three modes new to the franchise. Bounty Hunt gives random objective to both teams, focused about hunting AI grunts, rogue Titans or enemy pilots to gather money rewards. But be careful, dying before putting the cash in the bank takes half the money from you! Pilot vs Pilot takes the Titans out of equation letting the Pilots duke it out between themselves. Finally Amped Hardpoint is a domination mode, where you can capture the same point twice for double points!

        Key features:

        Titanfall 2 is a sequel to the innovative Titanfall, merging swift, acrobatic infantry gunplay with mech combat in a way never before seen. Titanfall 2 improves on every aspect of its predecessor and adds features beyond that.

        Titanfall 2 Origin features

        • 6 Unique Titans - Scorch, Ion, Tone, Ronin, Legion, and Northstar wait for you to become their pilot

        • 7 Pilot Tacticals - your Pilot may change the face of the battle with unique gadgets. Deploy holographic decoys, search for enemies with Pulse Blade's sonar, use Grapple to swing across the levels with deadly grace. Define your playstyle

        • Full singleplayer campaign - enter the shoes of Jack Cooper as he forges a connection with a veteran Titan on their journey across a hostile world

        • New multiplayer modes - Bounty Hunt, Pilot vs Pilot, and Amped Hardpoint wait for daring Pilots to test themselves

        • Community support - Titanfall 2 introduces the Networks system for improved connectivity and interaction between players

        Other versions of Titanfall 2

        This product is also available in the following versions. They are NOT included in this purchase.

        • Titanfall 2 Pre-order Standard Edition Origin

        • Titanfall 2 Pre-order Deluxe Edition Origin

        • Titanfall 2 Pre-order Standard Edition Xbox One

        • Titanfall 2 Pre-order Deluxe Edition Xbox One

        • Titanfall 2 Pre-order Standard Edition PlayStation 4

        • Titanfall 2 Pre-order Deluxe Edition PlayStation 4

        Release Date: 2016-10-28

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        ESRB Mature
        PEGI 16

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