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CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE Standard Edition Xbox One Xbox Live Key EUROPE

Call of Duty MW (2019) is an FPS game and a reboot to the Modern Warfare branch of the CoD series. The game includes a story campaign mode, featuring Captain John Price as one of the main characters, a revamped multiplayer mode, and the Special Ops co-op mode

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Product description

Product description

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter action game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. The game is a reboot of the Modern Warfare series, started in 2007 with Call of Duty 4. In MW, the fan-favorite character, SAS Captain John Price makes a return to the series, with a brand-new task to stop rogue Russian general and Middle-Eastern extremists from committing acts of global terror. Modern Warfare features several new mechanics, including a system of moral choices. The game received positive reviews for the gameplay, intriguing story campaign and revamped multiplayer.

Modern gameplay

MW retains most of the core gameplay elements the fans have grown accustomed to in the CoD series. The game features several modes including story campaign, multiplayer, and Special Ops. The campaign follows the story of Capt. Price and his team and features several playable characters: Special Air Service member Kyle Garrick, a CIA operative known only as “Alex”, and Farah Karim, the leader of Urzikstani rebels. Throughout the gameplay, the player will make tactical decisions on how to approach the mission’s objective.

The campaign includes a system of moral choices the player will have to make in dire situations. Such choices include deciding whether to sacrifice civilian life to achieve the objective or to gun down a potentially dangerous NPC. The player’s choices are scored at the end of the mission – the less civilian casualties the higher the score.

Multiplayer has been reworked to include the tactical aspect of the new MW. New modes include the Ground War, where a 100 of players fight against each other on a single map and Gunfight – two teams of two players must gun each other down in 40 seconds. Modern Warfare (2019) doesn’t feature the Zombie mode, instead introducing cooperative Special Ops, where the players work together to take down key members of the Al-Qatala terrorist organization.

The return of Captain Price

When the world faces another terrorist threat, Captain Price must step into action. A cargo of toxic gas has been stolen and the CIA suspects that a terrorist organization Al-Qatala is behind the theft. CIA Station Chief Kate Laswell calls upon the help of SAS Captain John Price. Together with a team of experienced soldiers – SAS member Kyle Garrick and CIA covert operative “Alex” – they take up the mission to find the stolen gas before the terrorists have the chance to use it. However, their task will turn out to be a little more complicated…


Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) received positive critical reception. The reviewers praised the single-player campaign of the game, noting the return of the fan-favorite character of Captain Price and compelling story. MW’s multiplayer also received praise for its new modes and return of elements absent in a previous few installments of the series.  

Key features

  • Captain Price the reboot of one of the most acclaimed FPS series
  • Experience the Modern Warfare series graphically stunning like never before
  • Play through the campaign mode filled with high-octane action setpieces and dramatic moral choices
  • Join your friends in cooperative Special Ops mode and work together to take out targets
  • Enter the fray in the multiplayer mode, and enjoy several new modes and features 
Call of Duty Modern Warfare key is meant to be activated on the Xbox Live platform.
Warning! This product is region-locked and it can only be activated and played in EUROPE.
Release date: 2019-10-25



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