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    Graveyard Keeper is a management simulation game, which tasks the player with looking after a medieval cemetery. The job is not easy, as the player will soon find out by keeping the land, upgrading the facilities, provid ...

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      • Graveyard Keeper is a role-playing simulation game developed by Lazy Bear Game. In the game, the player assumes the role of the titular graveyard keeper and is tasked with managing a medieval cemetery and adjacent facilities. The player will have to keep the visitors satisfied by organizing various events, including witch burnings and other festivities. The game received positive reviews, with critics praising the management mechanics and goal-oriented gameplay, noting the differences from other games in the genre.

        Graveyard Keeper

        Graveyard Management Gameplay

        In Graveyard Keeper game, the players’ job is to maintain a medieval burial ground and make it into a thriving and prosperous business. The player starts with a bare-bones plot of land, which they need to cultivate in order to make money from local people, developing the workstations within the area. Along the way, the player will acquire perks, which provide an additional advantage in different areas of gameplay, such as smithing, building, and theology. With a lot at stake in running their business, the player will have to make certain ethical choices, for example cutting costs of meat for a festival by using the bodies in the ground, etc. The game also includes a dungeon exploration system, where the player will face monsters and gain various items.

        Graveyard Keeper

        Spooky story

        You wake up in a graveyard. Small wonder, you were just hit by a car. Now that you’re stuck in this medieval cemetery, it’s time to make something of it. Tend to its needs by upgrading the facilities, entertaining the visitors, and turning it into a profitable endeavor. Will you try and make it a legit business? Or will you play dirty and cut costs wherever you can? After all, anything can happen in a graveyard.


        Graveyard Keeper was received favorably by the critics. The reviewers praised the management gameplay of the game, which, they noted, was highly focused and goal-oriented. The critics pointed out that the game’s pace took a little bit to get used to, but rewarded the player’s patience with solid mechanics, great art and music and unusual and often cynical atmosphere.

        Key features:

        • Become the keeper of the dead! Manage the graveyard, turning it into a profitable business.
        • Work hard or cut corners! Make ethical choices as to how to manage your macabre enterprise.
        • From rags to holy riches! Reinvigorate the graveyard area by building new facilities and fill the coffers with the coin.
        • Entertain the public! Throw a festival or host a witch-burning to make the visitors happy. Just don’t tell them where the meat comes from…
        • Explore the dungeons! The tunnels beneath the cemetery hide many secrets…and monsters.

        Fecha de lanzamiento: 2018-08-15

      • A continuación se indican las especificaciones mínimas y recomendadas del sistema para Graveyard Keeper (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Debido a posibles cambios de programación, los requisitos mínimos del sistema para Graveyard Keeper (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL pueden cambiar en el transcurso del tiempo.
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