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    In CK2 Holy Fury the player takes charge of a medieval dynasty. Through diplomacy and war, the player shapes their family into the mightiest power in Europe. Expansion adds several new gameplay mechanics.

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      • In Holy Fury – the 13th and latest of expansion packs for Crusader Kings II – the player is once again put in charge of a medieval dynasty, this time with entirely new features. In HF the player gets a chance to join a Warrior Lodge, where values of strength and companionship take priority over the secrecy and deception of royal courts. The game also features Random and Shattered World systems, where the player can randomize the map of the game at the very beginning, switching historical figures and data.  These and many other mechanic improvements were the reason why Holy Fury was met with positive critical reception.

        Gameplay with saints and sinners

        The core mechanics of CK II remain unchanged - the player becomes the head of a medieval dynasty. The task is to solidify the position of their family among other dynasties of medieval Europe. To that end, the player will have to resort to various tactics, including diplomatic solutions, plots and assassinations, as well as waging wars on their enemies. If the player’s dynasty reaches the top spot on the nobility leaderboards and manages to maintain the highest position, until the end of the game timeframe he player wins if they manage to keep their family on top of the nobility ranking chart until the end.

        As the title suggest, one of the gameplay mechanics of Holy Fury revolves around sainthood. Christian characters with high level of piety can become canonized by the Church, providing their dynasty with glory and making their resting place a monument of great value. Alternatively, another feature allows the player to convert their dynasty to Hellenism, under very strict requirements. Last but not the least, should the player choose the pagan route, they can join a Warriors Lodge, where their strength and feats of courage will be highly valued.

        Dynastic story

        You are the head of a noble dynasty - the time to shape history is now! In medieval Europe, the power is held by select few of the noble houses. Become the leader of one such family and guide it towards glory, passing the influence from generation to generation. Aspire to sainthood through Christian piety or choose the way of pagan warriors, where might makes right. Make pacts with fellow noblemen or wage wars with them to become the highest-ranking dynast in Europe.


        Crusader Kings 2 Holy Fury was met with positive reviews. The critics noted the new gameplay additions, which made the gameplay even more immersive and comprehensive. They pointed out how balanced the game was, thanks to various improvements to the game’s mechanics. In summary, new gameplay features and balance tweaks make HF another great expansion to CK II.  

        Key features:

        • Fight or talk your way to the top of Europe’s nobility ladder
        • Lead your family to greatness and shower your descendants in glory of your deeds
        • Choose to be a saint, pious and God-fearing, or join the Pagans, who believe only in their own strength
        • Change history in Random World and Shattered World, and turn the timeline of medieval Europe into your playground  
        • Enjoy more balanced gameplay thanks to various tweaks and improvements

        Date de sortie: 2018-11-13

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury Steam Key GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury Steam Key GLOBAL may change over time.
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