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      • The elegance of golf in a green forest or on a scorching desert? It is possible! Try out a golf session with this multiplayer simulator. Call friends to play together. Get your most satisfying score.

        Customize your ball

        Customize your game options before you take out your club and strike. Decide what type of ground you are playing on – is it bouncy or not? Do you wish to retry any shot or not? Decide on gravity and see your last hit power level. Control your maximum time per round and a maximum number of shots per round. Do not forget to personalize your golf balls, so they are distinctive from others.

        Trees or Pyramids?

        Golfers appreciate their surroundings. Golf With Your Friends offers two contrasting atmospheres in two platforms: a forest and a desert. Both settings are full of challenges and specific details. The forest has plenty of wooden structures, logs, saws, swaying trunks, and leaves. Feel relaxed between the calm, friendly, beautifully arranged wooden world of golf. The desert is quite opposite: you are in an oasis on a sandy, sunny desert, the only trees are rare coconut palms and the view is mainly mazes of sandy walls,

        Golf with your friend

        Egyptian style columns, dry grass, pyramids, the Sphinx, and hieroglyphs. Feel the hot sunny breeze of a desert.

        Roll through, between and right in

        Find a delicate balance between power, the right angle, and the right moment to hit your ball. On the power bar, decide how much strength is enough and direct the angle line towards the victory. Aim precisely, let go in the best second and see some nice smooth rolling. This game gives a lot of challenge, interesting settings, and obstacles.

        Observe turning windmill arms, get ready to hit the ball between sharp saws slicing spruce tree logs, bounce from target to target, study curving lines on the surface, experiment with a labyrinth of tunnels and passages between wooden stumps or sandy walls.

        After gaining some experience and skills, enjoy popular and easy or extremely rare scores like a birdie - 1 under par, an eagle, which is 2 under par, or an albatross which is 3 under par. Don't miss the cup, go hole in one!

        Golf with friend

        Competition is a pleasure

        What would a game of golf be without your friends competitors? Golf With Your Friends, as the title reveals, allows up to 12 players to take part in an online session. Mark your golf balls and start a common fun.

        The multiplayer mode is a perfect occasion to play golf with other people and spend hours on a captivating gameplay. Get encouraged by others, compare scores, exchange tips, just chat and laugh and get involved for hours.

        Learn patience and practise good manners. Golf is for ladies and gentlemen. There is nothing more pleasant like an afternoon spent with best friends golfing. This is a great game to play by yourself, with strangers or acquaintances.

        Key features:

        • 12 multiplayer online game of golf simulator
        • Loads of options and customizations
        • Two charming settings: a forest and a desert
        • Interesting, surprising challenges and funny obstacles
        • Level editor

        Date de sortie: 2016-01-29

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Golf With Your Friends (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Golf With Your Friends (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL may change over time.
      • Anglais
      • Restrictions:

        ESRB Everyone 10+
        PEGI 7

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