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    Raft (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL

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    Get yourself and your friends an epic survival adventure on a raft. In Raft you become a castaway on an endless sea, stranded on a piece of wood and fighting with surrounding dangers to survive. Your only tools are your ...

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      • Get yourself and your friends an epic survival adventure on a raft. In Raft you become a castaway on an endless sea, stranded on a piece of wood and fighting with surrounding dangers to survive. Your only tools are your mind and a hook made of plastic, which you can use to catch debris to build up your raft and equipment necessary for your survival. Become a scavenger and put everything you can into use. Developers from RedBeet Interactive constantly challenge the players by giving them new items to create and obstacles to overcome. Raft game can be played both solo, or with friends, as taking care of the raft may be easier with more people around.



        Your main task is to keep yourself hydrated and have your stomach full, which does not sound easy, considering that you are stranded on a small wooden raft. Beware of sharks and other dangerous creatures that only wait for you to make a wrong move so they can hurt you or destroy your raft. The first days of your adventure will require the most effort as acquiring a steady supply of food and water is not an easy task. You will have to grow crops, purify saltwater, catch animals and carry them with you on the raft to supply all of your basic needs.

        After surviving for some time and establishing a more secure place on the raft and expanding it, you can start exploring the world and uncovering its mysteries, as well as fighting the dangers of the sea. Additionally, you can start diving to its bottom to search for precious minerals and treasures which you can use further on your way. After gathering enough resources, you can even start researching new items, such as pieces of equipment, furniture or cooking stations, as those cannot be produced when starting the adventure. 

        Raft Game

        If you miss the more traditional food, you can use the recipes that you can find on some of the islands scattered all over the mysterious sea, which allow you to cook more elaborate meals to fill your hunger for longer. The game is presented in colorful smooth styled graphics making it look simple yet keeping enough detail to present a beautiful world with many islands and a whole underwater sea to explore.


        Raft video game met with a great reception, as the freedom of exploration, combined with a necessity of survival in a sandbox game allowed the players to spend many hours building their own raft. As the game started as an early access game, fans’ feedback helped and still helps in the development.

        Key features

        • Use a hook to catch materials and use them to survive and expand your raft;
        • Play solo or with friends in an online co-op mode;
        • Explore the vast sea with all of its island and deep waters;
        • Grow crops, purify water and hunt to survive;
        • Find recopies, blueprints and materials to craft tools and survival equipment.

        Data di rilascio: 2018-05-23

        Accesso anticipato:

      • Di seguito sono riportati i requisiti di sistema minimi e consigliati per Raft (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL. A causa di potenziali modifiche nella programmazione, i requisiti minimi di sistema per Raft (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL potrebbero variare nel tempo.
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