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    King Arthur: Knight's Tale (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

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    King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a tactical RPG game created by Neocore Games. The game is the continuation of the King Arthur game series initially released in 2009. This time, the player will take on the role of Mordred, ...

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    • King Arthur: Knight's Tale is the next game of the King Arthur series developed by Neocore Games. The game is a unique hybrid of a next-gen tactical RPG game with some strategic elements. The game is maintained in a dark, and gloomy atmosphere. During the adventure, players will visit many unique, well-developed locations and battle various types of challenging enemies, including powerful bosses. It is worth mentioning that the game features high-quality, realistic graphics. To improve the gameplay experiences the developers used motion capture technology to create realistic, and dynamic animations.


      In the game, players take on the role of Sir Mordred - King Arthur's most deadly enemy. In a vicious battle, he managed to deliver a final strike to the legendary king of Avalon. However, the duel between the two was so intense that even though Sir Mordred was victorious, his wounds were fatal and he fell next to his sworn enemy. Lady of the Lake decided to bring Arthur back to life, however, the king has changed dramatically. Because of all the pain and suffering, he became a tyrant with a monstrous army at his command. Under his wicked reign, the kingdom of Avalon changed into the land taken straight from the nightmares. To save the kingdom, Lady of the Lake had to do the unthinkable - she has chosen the lesser of two evils and brought Sir Mordred back to Avalon. He is now the only hope for the kingdom.

      King Arthur: Knight's Tale

      Gameplay Mechanics

      The action of the Knight's Tale is presented from a bird's eye view. During the gameplay, players will explore the fantastic land of Avalon, and complete various quests moving the whole storyline forward. As we travel across the lands of Avalon, we will face more than fifty types of different enemies, as well as ten powerful and challenging bosses. Combat is turn-based and it requires a lot of tactical thinking. During encounters, players must carefully think about their actions and match their strategy to the enemy type and playstyle.

      Every unit present in the game features unique abilities and skills and plays a different role during battles. Good positioning and tactical use of available abilities are crucial during every encounter. What is interesting, as the story goes on, we will meet many unique characters (the game features over thirty heroes) who will join our forces. Speaking of unique heroes, each of them represents one of five professions, featuring exclusive skills and abilities that can be developed as they gain more experience in battles. As the commander, we can even send them on special, individual missions. It is worth keeping in mind that the game features permadeath mechanics, meaning that if a character dies, there is no possibility of bringing him back to life.

      King Arthur: Knight's Tale

      Additionally, heroes have their own, unique personalities which from time to time results in serious fights among the team members. As their leader, you have to maintain good relations with them. Otherwise, they can rebel and turn against us. While taking a break from exploring the kingdom of Avalon, and fighting with king Arthur's wicked forces, players can spend their time developing the castle of Camelot which plays the role of the player's headquarters. New buildings and improvements will provide us with useful bonuses and upgrades. Occasionally you will have to make a difficult decision that will affect the whole kingdom. You can choose to be a good, and caring ruler, or the one that puts a true fear in people's hearts.

      Key Features

      • Fight with the forces of King Arthur and save Avalon from his evil reign.
      • Gather the army of heroes and bring new hope for the kingdom.
      • Send your followers on special missions and develop their abilities.
      • Take part in tactical encounters, during which a good strategy is a key to victory.
      • Rebuild the castle of Camelot, gaining new upgrades that will help you in your quest.

      Release Date: 2021-01-26

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