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    • The famous basketball video game celebrates its 20th anniversary with the 2019 edition! New features and enhanced gameplay.

      What’s New in NBA 2k19?

      NBA 2k19 basketball video game offers plenty of new features both in terms of gameplay, as well as playing modes, graphics or career mode. Some of the main changes introduced in this edition are:

      My Team Unlimited

      This is a completely new competitive mode. The participants build a team that can then be used to compete with other players' from around the world. This mode is a simple and straightforward one, but it also has plenty of rewards and hidden layers for you to discover if you get engaged in this competition.

      Triple Threat Modes

      NBA 2k19 has also new single player mode called Triple Threat. It is a 3 on 3 bit of quick action. There is also a possibility to play this mode online.

      NBA 2K19

      Refreshed MyCareer Mode

      The great MyCareer mode is coming back in this version but with a brand new storyline. The user can follow the career spanning from the casual games in the neighborhood to the worldwide splendor. Your protagonist starts out in China, then hits G league to end up in the most prestigious series on the globe: NBA of course. Along the way the players meet basketball stars and sign sponsorship deals.

      He becomes popular, faces new issues in the team including how to get along with other stars and dominate the play on the court.

      Rule the Neighborhood

      Neighborhood mode is also improved. Now there is a day and night cycles that allows playing 24/7. You can gather the old crew for matches, walk around the neighborhood, take part in exciting 3 on 3 streetball challenges, become a king of the local court during Under Armour Cages or local matches.

      New Takeover Feature

      A brand new feature: Takeover. Unlock special moves and skills that no-one has ever unfolded on the court before. There is also an option to activate Team Takeover thanks to which your entire team will hit peaks of their abilities.

      Upgraded Lite and Full Gameplay

      Visual presentation in both Lite and Full gameplay was improved, and so was its functionality. Lite is a great option for players who like clear screen with minimal features displayed. It will serve best to those most experienced in NBA. Full on the other hand is recommended for newcomers to the NBA video world.

      Smart Switch Module

      The brand new AI module called Smart Switch allows it to recognize on the ball-screen and switch it on. In the next move AI is capable of evaluating if there was a mismatch of screener or ball-handler. In case of a switch with no mismatch, the previous play is continued. AI is that smart! What is more, this feature is not only available for AI but also for users, who can trigger it – it can be done automatically. No button is needed to be pressed. Users of the game choose their worst defensive player and then can try forcing a switch. This can help take advantage on the court with a mismatch.

      NBA 2K19

      Double Team Reaction Module Revisited

      This module has been rewritten from scratch and now AI is looking forward to the double team. The animation does not need to be triggered for AI to recognize that a double team motion has taken place.

      Improved Attack and Relief Module

      Another improvement on the AI side. Now the AI is not taking every open drive chance that arises. Sometimes, it will pass on it and continue in the current action. However, the AI can still decide at any point to take an open drive during the attack stage, but whether it does it or not is determined by the coaching pace as well as preferences for drive of specific players.

      Improved AI Distribution of Play Among Players

      Developers of the game decided to vastly improve the distribution of the play among players calculated by AI.In previous versions users were complaining that AI sometimes chose repeated players very often. In the 2k19 version the logic behind AI game distribution was reinvented and thus distribution of the play among players on the court is more even.

      20th Anniversary of NBA Series

      NBA video game as powered by Visual Concepts and 2K has been on the market for 20 years! Since its launch 20 years ago the game has sold more than 68 million copies worldwide. Such anniversary calls for celebration, and what better way to do this than releasing a new edition.

      NBA 2K19 is available in English for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, as well as for PC. Make sure to check the version as there are many different offers depending on the platform.

      Graphics and Gameplay of NBA 2019

      Graphics in the game are a near real-life basketball match experience of. Full and Lite versions of displayed were refreshed and improved. Many new features were introduced to the gameplay like Triple Threat mode (3 on 3 match, also available as online challenge), better AI distribution of play among players on the court, brand new features called Pick and Roll & Smart Switch, improved Double Team Reaction module on the AI side, completely new Takeover feature.

      The storyline of career mode is highly engaging and well-written. MyTEAM Unlimited was introduced to the game as an online mode allowing online competion with other real-life players. There are also the Rookie and Neighborhood mode.

      Key features:

      • Brand new MyTeam Unlimited mode – gather your best 13 players and pit them against other users from around the globe in online mode
      • The neighborhood mode with day and night matches, streetball challenges, 3 on 3 plays
      • Takeover feature unlocking special moves and skills both on individual player and whole team level
      • Refurnished MyCareer mode following a fascinating storyline all the way from China to the courts of NBA
      • Pick and Roll Smart Switch new feature
      • Improved Double Team Reaction module
      • Improved AI distribution of play
      • Upgraded Full and Lite visual layer
      • Standard and special 20th Anniversary editions available
      • Score produced by Travis Scott

      Release Date: 2018-09-11

    • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for NBA 2K19 (Xbox One) - Xbox Live Account - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for NBA 2K19 (Xbox One) - Xbox Live Account - GLOBAL may change over time.
    • Chinese
    • Restrictions:

      PEGI 3
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