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XSplit Premium is a package of all 3 XSplit products designed to make streaming and recording much easier and more convenient. The package includes:XSplit Broadcaster,XSplit Gamecaster,XSplit VCam.XSplit Broadcaster is a ...

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Opis produktu

Opis produktu

XSplit Premium is a package of all 3 XSplit products designed to make streaming and recording much easier and more convenient. The package includes:

  • XSplit Broadcaster,
  • XSplit Gamecaster,
  • XSplit VCam.

XSplit Broadcaster is a flexible streaming and recording software. XSplit Gamecaster works similarly but is easier to set up and is designed especially for gamers looking for software with facecam support. XSplit Vcam is a software that allows removing the background without the need to install an expensive greenscreen. Choose the proven and reliable XSplit solution and start streaming whatever content you want – games, apps, walkthroughs, video tutorials, interviews, podcasts, or start recording instead, and upload the finished material directly to YouTube.

Xsplit Premium

XSplit Broadcaster – powerful recording and streaming software

XSplit Broadcaster is a professional software that can capture anything you want to stream or record. It comes with advanced scenes settings, projector mode to display scenes on any connected device, and has built-in express video editor, which can be used to quickly edit multiple recordings. Broadcaster natively supports macros and allows you to create your own custom actions to be easily executed when triggered. The trigger may be, for example, a certain key or key combination, a certain time interval, certain hour, or the stop of a certain media source. Use macros to automate tedious tasks – quickly switch between scenes, toggle media sources, mute audio output, and control the flow of the stream.

XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster is a simplified version of the XSplit Broadcaster. It allows you to quickly start streaming games simultaneously with your face in the corner of the broadcasted video. The software can be linked to your Twitch account, thus enabling you to save time on configuring everything separately. XSplit Gamecaster implements automatic game detection and capture, as well as an in-game overlay, which allows controlling stream settings without the need to leave the game.

XSplit VCam

XSplit VCam is a specialized software made exclusively for one purpose only – to remove the background behind you without the need to install an expensive greenscreen. This allows to both save money and space, which may be especially useful if your recording studio is not a huge one.

Commercial use of XSplit products

XSplit Premium license – as opposed to the free one – allows you to use Broadcaster, Gamecaster, and VCam commercially. Record, stream, and make money out of the content you create.

Key features

  • Recording and streaming in 4K at 60 FPS and beyond allows capturing screen image in the highest possible quality
  • Optimized for popular social platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook
  • Macro extension – create custom actions or series of actions and execute them with a simple button press or trigger it at every time interval
  • Edit scene in preview mode to customize it to your liking before showing it to the audience
  • Display scenes on any connected device, thanks to the projector mode feature
  • Support for background removal without the need of installing a green screen
  • 24/7 support will gladly help you with any XSplit-related issues you may encounter in your streaming career
This product extends your XSplit Premium subscription by 1 year.
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