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      • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a single player, third-person perspective action game, published by Electronic Arts and developed by Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind such titles as the Titanfall series and Apex: Legends. The game is set between Episodes III and IV of the Star Wars saga and features a brand new story and characters. The main protagonist of the game is Cal Kestis, young Jedi padawan, who survived the execution of Order 66 and has since been on the run from the Empire. The game features many mechanics that the fans of the Star Wars series will enjoy such as lightsaber duels, using the Force to move things, lush worlds, both known from the screen and new ones. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game is also a feast for the eye, rendering characters and locations with great detail. 

        Cal Kestis


        Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a TPP action game and possesses all the qualities characteristic to the genre, served in a Star Wars sauce. The player controls Cal Kestis, a young Jedi. The protagonist is well versed in the Force, which he can use for various purposes. For example, he can summon vines from nearby trees to swing across chasms. Cal can use his Jedi training to run alongside walls, jumping from one to another. He can also use the Force push to clear the way, for example by breaking open damaged doors.

        Star Wars Jedi

        As a Jedi, Cal uses a lightsaber. It’s a versatile tool, useful as a weapon but also for other purposes, such as to light the path ahead. In combat, Cal can swing the lightsaber cutting down his enemies almost instantly. He can also throw it at distant stormtroopers and use different Force techniques, like slowing down time or pulling in enemies for a quick impale. Combat grants player points which can be used for upgrading the protagonist’s skillsAt all times, Cal is accompanied by BD-1, a tiny droid, which can be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as opening closed doors.

        Story and Characters

        After the Chancellor’s betrayal and the execution of Order 66, the Jedi Order has fallen. Lone survivors of the Purge are scattered across the galaxy, hunted by the Sith Lord, Darth Vader, and his Inquisitors. One of the fugitives is Cal Kestis, a young padawan, hiding on the remote scavenger planet Brecca. When he is discovered as a Force Sensitive, Cal must escape from the clutches of the Imperials sent after him, including the Second Sister, one of Vader’s Inquisitors. On the run, he encounters Jedi Master Cere Junda. Together with her, Kestis decides to finish his Jedi training and restore the fallen Order. 

        Jedi Fallen Order game


        The first trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was presented during 2018’s EA Play and gathered positive opinions from critics and fans. Both groups praised the lifelike graphics, brought to life by Unreal Engine 4, traversal using the Force and combat mechanics, employing both short and long-distance attacks.

        During the 2019s E3, EA presented more of the gameplay on the Wookie planet Kashyyyk, which further convinced the press and fans that Jedi Fallen Order might be yet another great game set in the Star Wars universe. 

        Key features:

        • The Order has fallen! As a young padawan, Cal Kestis, you must bring back the balance of the Force and prevent the Jedi from becoming extinct.
        • Use the Force! Jump across wide chasms, run along the walls, push and pull enemies and slow down the time. With the Force on your side, there’s nothing you can’t do.
        • An elegant weapon for a more civilized age. Fire up your lightsaber, a traditional Jedi, weapon and slice through stormtroopers and other Imperial forces.
        • The droid you’re looking for. BD-1 is your loyal friend, perfect for lighting up the path or opening closed doors.
        • The first step into a larger world. Travel across the Empire-controlled galaxy, from the wastes of Brecca to lush jungles of Kashyyyk and fulfill your destiny.

        Data wydania: 2019-11-15

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        ESRB Teen
        PEGI 16

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