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    Hotline Miami is a top-down shooting game set in alternative 80s – Miami. Fight with enemies, wear animal masks granting unique abilities, and slaughter difficult bosses. Engage in combat and do not let your enemies hit ...

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      • Hotline Miami is a top-down shooter developed by Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital in 2012. The action of the game takes place in an alternative reality set in 1989 Miami. Every day, an unnamed protagonist receives mysterious messages that urge him to commit acts of cruel violence. Progress through complex missions and slaughter everyone and everything standing in your way.

        The game is a retro classic and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both players and critics. It is praised for its unforgettable soundtrack, devastating story, and addictive gameplay with a fresh look at action games.

        Hotline Miami


        Control a muscular assassin nicknamed 'Jacket' who receives cryptic messages on his answering machine from an unknown persona. Those messages urge the player to commit brutal murders referred to as 'taking care of a pest infestation'. One day, a strange package arrives at your door. There is an animal mask inside. You take the mask and go on a rampage against the Russian mafia. 'Jacket' will progress through levels and eventually face bosses. There are several locations to visit and hundreds of enemies to slaughter. But what about your conscience? Confront three masked figures: rooster-masked Richard, owl-masked Rasmus, and horse-masked Don Juan, and answer them about your actions.


        As 'Jacket' you will visit many locations and take part in multi-level missions. Your task is to get through those levels and slaughter everyone standing in your way. Confront your enemies directly or eliminate them quietly. Sometimes you will have to face an entire group of enemies. The fight will be difficult as our character can be killed with just one fatal hit.

        Variety of different weapons

        Hotline Miami 1 offers us 35 types of weapons. Use deadly pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Melee weapons are also an option, defeat your enemies using baseball bats, crowbars, and knives. If necessary, you can also take down your enemies using your bare hands. Sometimes, you will need to quickly change your weapon in the heat of the battle. Be quick, think strategically, and slaughter everyone!

        Animal masks

        The game features yet another interesting element of gameplay—animal masks. There are 25 of them and each provides the player with unique abilities. Some will affect your movement speed or give a starting weapon. You will have to look for them. Their whereabouts are unknown and will often be found by the bodies of other assassins who tried to do the same job as 'Jacket'.

        Hotline Miami

        Key features:

        • Become a brutal assassin and slaughter your way through multi-level locations, and eventually face gruesome bosses
        • Use a wide variety of deadly weapons, do not let the enemies hit you, and try to stay sane
        • Enjoy an unforgettable soundtrack that nicely fits into the atmosphere of constant fighting
        • Wear animal masks that grant you unique abilities, such as movement speed or a starting weapon
        • Appreciate neon lights and sharp-colour design in this top-down shooting game

        Date de sortie: 2012-10-23

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Hotline Miami Steam Key GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Hotline Miami Steam Key GLOBAL may change over time.
      • Portugais-Brésil
      • Restrictions:

        USK 16
        ESRB Mature
        PEGI 16

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