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      • If you're tired of your big city life and the boring responsibilities of company job, then living off the land for a while might certainly seem inviting. Stardew Valley captures that sentiment in a perfect way, letting you play out a rural escape fantasy in a charming pixelated visual style, with well-written characters, and complex-yet-perfectly manageable systems.

        Stardew Valley

        Manage your own farm

        You have inherited a large farmland from your grandfather, but it's been neglected in the recent years, and it falls to you to make the best of this situation. Stardew Valley (PC) tests your micro- and macro-management system, providing you with a comfortable and rewarding gameplay loops of caring for your plants and animals, harvesting their yield, and selling it to afford new ones and some essential upgrades.Expand your farm and be the leading provider of food and artisan goods in the area. The Pelican Town counts on you!

        Lively town community

        You don't have to spend all your time managing your crops and livestock. There is the Pelican Town, where you can go to sell your wares, take some time off for recreation purposes, and talk to the town's residents.Each of them is unique, with detailed personalities and personal arcs you can discover as your relationships with them improve. Aid them in improving the Pelican Town, help your new friends with their dialy problems, maybe even find the one true love to share your farmhouse and life with. Who knows?Where will you steps take while in the Pelican Town?

        Stardew Valley

        A mysterious dungeon

        Your farm hides many secrets and resources, but none so intriguing as the mines. The tunnels go very deep, and they hold treasures waiting to be discovered. But beware: there are monsters hiding there too, and they only become more powerful the deeper you go into the mines.Are you daring enough to descend and explore the mines to the very bottom? If you are, the loot is going to help you a great deal in more ways than one!

        Endlessly rewarding and relaxing

        Stardew Valley goes out of its way to make sure you love playing it. Whether by collecting a large crop yield, petting the animals you keep and name, or just hanging out by the water with a fishing rod in your hand, the Stardew Valley gameplay brings with it a sense of accomplishment and excellent, positive feedback.Travel to SV to take breather from other more intense and nerve-wracking games.

        Stardew Valley

        Beautiful presentation

        Stardew Valley looks and sound absolutely charming. It is designed in friendly, evocative pixelated style, giving it a nice, cartoonish atmosphere. It also boasts two hours of original soundtracks, with soothing tones perfect for the relaxing gameplay.

        Key features

        • Raise animals, grow crops, go fishing and many more.
        • Become an important member of the Pelican Town community.
        • Customize your home to make it look even better than at your grandfather’s time.
        • Explore caves and be prepared for an encounter with something that lives there.
        • Meet the love of your life and start a family.

        Data wydania: 2016-02-26

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      • angielski
      • Ograniczenia:

        ESRB Everyone 10+
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