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    Plague Inc.: Evolved is a simulation game, in which the player create their own contagious disease and see it spread across the globe. The player can develop and upgrade their disease into the deadliest plague, leading h ...

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      • Plague Inc.: Evolved is a real-time strategy simulation game developed and published by Ndemic Creations. A sequel to the popular mobile game, Evolved expands on the gameplay mechanics and introduces new features. The players' task in the game is to become the most fatal disease in the world and kill all life on Earth. The game introduces scenario creator, city cams showing the progress of the disease on the street level, as well as a multiplayer mode in which two players fight for the title of the deadliest disease in the world or cooperate to destroy it faster. PI: Evolved received positive reviews from the critics, who praised the complex mechanics of the game.

        Plan the destruction of the world in strategic gameplay

        In Plague Inc Evolved the player creates a disease with which they will dive humankind to extinction. The player can choose from 10 potential sources, including viruses, bacteria, parasites, and more. Each disease has a strong and weak point: heat and cold resistance, drug resilience and more. The more people the disease infect the stronger it becomes. The player can evolve their plague to develop new characteristics, such as symptoms, ways of spreading, etc.

        Plague Inc: Evolved

        The player will have to hurry with spreading their deadly disease – humans don't rest and will do everything to develop the cure. Developing new symptoms and traits can hinder the doctors' efforts in creating a cure. In Plague Inc Evolved the player can play through different scenarios or create their own. The scenarios add additional challenges to the gameplay, for example by setting specific tasks and conditions fr the player to overcome, such as developing the disease during the ice age, etc. The game features a multiplayer mode where two players can compete against each other or work together. The competitive mode the winner is the player whose plague infects and kills the most people on the planet. In coop, the players work together to end all life on Earth.


        Plague Inc.: Evolved game received positive reception from the critics. Reviewers praised, among others, the simple, yet complex gameplay, the amount of strategic thinking required to complete the main objective, as well as the number of factors that play a role in conquering the world. Other elements noted by the critics were the new features introduced in Evolved, including new diseases, new means of observing the spread of the plague (CC cams), and others. All in all, the game was considered an excellent time-killer, with enough interesting mechanics to draw the player in for more than one sitting.

        Plague Inc: Evolved gamescreen

        Key features

        • Create the deadliest disease in the world a watch it decimate the humankind
        • Improve your odds at winning by developing new symptoms, ways of infection and resistances
        • Race against the doctors working tirelessly to stop your creation from infecting more people
        • Watch the world nations crumble as your plague spreads across the continents
        • Play the cooperative or competitive multiplayer 

        Data de lansare:: 2016-02-18

      • Mai jos sunt specificațiile minime și recomandate de sistem pentru Plague Inc: Evolved Steam Key GLOBAL. Datorită posibilelor modificări de programare, cerințele minime de sistem pentru Plague Inc: Evolved Steam Key GLOBAL se pot modifica în timp.
      • Chinese
      • Restrictii:

        ESRB Everyone 10+
        PEGI 7

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