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    Tekken 7 is the next chapter in the story of clan Mishina. Devil Gene's mysteries will be revealed at last, and the dynamics of the Mishima clan are likely to shift significantly. Next-gen graphics, new gameplay elements ...

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      TEKKEN 7 Steam Key RU/CIS
      TEKKEN 7 - Season Pass 2 Steam Key RU/CIS
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      TEKKEN 7 Steam Key RU/CIS
      OFFER FROM: Iggames

      TEKKEN 7 Steam Key RU/CIS

      Platform: Steam|Version: RU/CIS
      $ 4.91$ 56.63-91%
      TEKKEN 7 - Season Pass 2 Steam Key RU/CIS
      OFFER FROM: Nikcorporation

      TEKKEN 7 - Season Pass 2 Steam Key RU/CIS

      Platform: Steam|Version: RU/CIS
      $ 13.89$ 33.97-59%
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      Tekken 7 is the next chapter in the story of clan Mishina. Devil Gene's mysteries will be revealed at last, and the dynamics of the Mishima clan are likely to shift significantly. Next-gen graphics, new gameplay elements and rebalances. Tekken 7 is Tekken at its best.

      \nThe Mishima clan saga draws to a close\n

      For the past 20 years the troubles and internal dealing of the Mishima clan and the Devil Gene in their blood have been one of the main motifs of the franchise. Now you can witness the culmination of the generational struggle that made Heihachi go half-bald. Meet some old allies and adversaries, including Jin, Kazuya and the big guy himself, Heihachi.\nAre you brave and crazy enough to come into the intrafamilial warfare full of old grief and seething anger?

      \nFamiliar and fresh\n

      Tekken 7 is a both a perfect continuation of a legendary series and a gateway game to convince your friends that Tekken is awesome and easy to learn (though still hard to master).\nIf you are a long-term Tekken fan, Tekken 7 brings back all the familiar combos you've remembered over the years. Getting back to playing your favorite character is rarely this smooth!\nNewcomers shouldn't be too afraid: Tekken 7 gameplay give newbies more chance of getting back at their more experienced opponents.

      \nTrust your Rage\n

      Tekken 7 gameplay in addition to seamlessly transplanted classic combos features two Rage-themed attacks you get to perform to tip the odds in your favor.\nThe Rage Art is a way to defy death itself, a special attack made available when you are at critical health. The attack won't connect if you aren't careful. Can you take the risk?\nIf you can't, the Rage Drive attacks will help you get the upper hand by staggering your opponents, opening them up for your combos.\nTekken 7 lets you unleash the rage in an environment-friendly way.

      \nMassive roster\n

      After over two decades and 7 entries to the core series, the Tekken franchise accumulated a massive roster. Tekken 7 acknowledges it. A core roster of 38 characters is up for grabs, letting you pick your favorite from the insanely diverse range of characters. Do you want cyborgs? You're covered. Odd ninjas? Sure. Ursine martial artists with combat salmon? Tekken 7 has your back. Or you could play as one of the normal humans if you like keeping it traditional. No problem.

      \nStunning visuals\n

      Using the Unreal Engine 4 Tekken 7 is a gorgeous game that will catch you staring when you should be punching, and kicking, and slapping your enemies with salmon. On the other hand... look at all those details!\nCharacters now can boast about their bulging biceps, you can see them sweat after the match, and react more believably to being punched in the face.\nTekken 7 is much more detailed, and it makes all the punching even better!


      Key features

      Tekken 7 is a home release of a game that's been a hit in the Japanese arcades for the past two years. See the result of two-year balance and gameplay feedback-tweak relationship between the developers and fans. Tekken 7 is the franchise at its best, a worthy entry for every game library.

      Tekken 7 features

      • The final chapter in clan Mishima's story - see what two decades of machinations and betrayal brought to the ambitious clan. What will Heihachi do?
      • Massive roster - Tekken 7 gives you a roster of 38 characters of all kinds/ Humans, cyborgs, bears, all available and deadly
      • Amazing graphics - Tekken 7 fully embraces the Unreal Engine 4 to bring you the highest level of spectacle to ever grace the franchise
      • Rage unleashed - Tekken 7 introduces Rage attacks. Open your enemy for easier combos, or level the playing field when close to death
      • Akuma - guest star from the Street Fighter visits Tekken 7 to get even with Heihachi's wife. It can't go well, and you have to see it

      Release Date: 2017-06-02

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