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    DiRT 5 continues the series' traditions of off-road racing, introducing new gameplay modes and features.

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      • Take on the most dangerous tracks in the world and test your driving skills behind the wheels of rally cars and rock bouncers. Career and multiplayer mode are also featured in the game, making for complete racing experience.

        DiRT 5

        DiRT 5 is a racing video game developed and published by Codemasters. The fifth installment of an acclaimed, off-road-focused series, DiRT 5, features intense action and excitement of driving the fastest rally cars on tracks located in the wildest regions of the world. The player can test their driving skill behind the wheel of various vehicles, from rally-bred cars to mountain road buggies, and even ice racing-ready machines.

        Dirt 5 game

        The game features a Career mode, in which an inexperienced driver is taken under the wing of a veteran coach. The multiplayer mode allows for local competition between up to four players. DiRT 5 received positive initial reviews from the critics, who praised the gameplay changes, as well as the excitement accompanying the races.

        Off-road racing gameplay

        Like the previous installments of the series, DiRT 5 focuses on off-road racing. The game features various branches of the sport, including rallycross, off-road and ice racing, as well as stadium super truck competitions. The player will be able to drive a variety of vehicles, from classic rally cars, superpowered rock bouncers to ice racing vehicles, and remote-controlled toy cars. Each vehicle can be customized using the game's editor, for a more personalized experience.

        The racing tracks are located in the wildest regions of the world, including the deserts, forest and mountain ranges of North America, rally tracks in Italy and Morocco, and ice-covered roads of Norway.

        Dirt 5

        The game offers a variety of gameplay modes including local co-op also known as couch multiplayer. Some of them are returning from the previous installments, including the Gymkhana stunt competition. But DiRT 5 also introduces new ones, one of which is Path Finder – a brutal off-road racing mode. While racing down steep hills and rocky cliffs, the player must not only outrace their competition but reach the finish line in one piece.

        DiRT 5 features a split-screen multilayer mode, in which up to four players can compete against each other in various competitions and challenges.

        Story-driven Career mode

        In DiRT 5's career mode, the player controls a young, inexperienced driver, taking their first steps in the world of off-road racing. Luckily for them, their talents are recognized by Alex Janiček, who takes the player under his wing. Throughout the career mode, the player will face many drivers aiming for the top, including Bruno Durand, who becomes the protagonist's main rival.


        After the disappointing DiRT 4, the critics were unsure if the next installment wouldn't make the same mistakes. So far, the initial reception of DiRT 5 was positive. The reviewers who had a chance to play the early version of the game praised the variety of gameplay modes, including the new additions, as well as the general feeling of fun from racing on the off-road tracks. 

        Key features:

        • Enter the extreme world of off-road racing
        • Drive rallycross cars, rock-bouncing buggies, and R/C vehicles, fully customizable through the in-game editor
        • Behold the nature at its wildest on the tracks located around the world
        • Enjoy new and returning modes, such fan-favorite Gymkhana and brutal Path Finder competition
        • Play against your friends in local multiplayer mode

        Date de sortie: 2020-11-06

      • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for DIRT 5 (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for DIRT 5 (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL may change over time.
      • Restrictions:

        PEGI 12

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