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    蔚蓝月下 Sapphire Moon Steam Key GLOBAL - 1
    蔚蓝月下 Sapphire Moon Steam Key GLOBAL - 1
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    Introduction to the gameUnder the blue moon is China's first drama, action and love game. The well-known CV dubbing brings us sweet stories, pleasant stand-up and CG.Introduction to the gameThe story will be accompanied ...

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    • Introduction to the game

      Under the blue moon is China's first drama, action and love game. The well-known CV dubbing brings us sweet stories, pleasant stand-up and CG.

      Introduction to the game

      The story will be accompanied by three women, and you will be in this real and illusory world to find their own love. Is it the lovely black junior, the cold and mysterious girl, or the one you can't touch in the memory?

      As the game progresses, you will discover more about the reality of the world, and then experience the game in a completely different way, no longer just ordinary conversations and options, by which time any action you take will change the world, and the game prepares for multiple endings, will you reach the world you want. So, as the protagonist, are you ready to enter a world where different time and space are intertwined?

      Story introduction

      In the summer and autumn communication month, the thousand-year-old wonder of the blue moon lit the city should be quiet, with the curious flow of people, you see the endless blue, deep, as if to wrap the whole world. With that day, you find that life seems to have a subtle change, with a clingy junior (AI, why use only), a girl with no mouth (love without mouth cut), and a girl who looks familiar (HMMM... Must be illusion?), with their three people to join, was almost only you a person's literature, also became more rich and colorful, even super cute sister because family travel came to your school city, all these seem to be all blue month brings good luck, but with the passage of time from day to day...

      Can carefree days really last like this?

      [role introduction]

      Night qiao yue: this is our agreement, please remember it well.

      A girl with a sense of inexplicable familiarity can show her tenderness towards people and things. She can express her feelings freely even if she is treated rudely. She seems to have special feelings towards the hero. It is said to participate in the school classical ethnic musical instrument club, exactly what musical instrument is also very exciting.

      In general, her body has both the familiar feeling of the girl next door and the soft flavor of jiangnan water town.

      Wan zixi: thank you for being with me all the time.

      The master's classmate, with long silvery hair in lilac, has always been indifferent, in fact, just a little bit do not know how to get along with the good people, sometimes will show a confused look.

      Although they are usually icebergs, they are cute and shy (but hardly ever look that way).

      Cheng Chen: meow! Upperclassman, you big idiot!

      Character vitality, vigour, like to do things.

      She is naturally a happier person and likes to work hard, but she seems to prefer to find something interesting. Some kids are grumpy, but not tsundere, or more straightforward. It looks like she might be a sporty schoolgirl, but in fact even before she joined the review-journal, she had only joined the biochemical society, which was rumored to have an IQ of 220. Of course, when she mentioned it herself or someone else said it was just the society of chemistry in life.

      Genius or something. It's just silly people spreading rumors.

      Yi chi: oh, like a girl? That must be your delusion.

      Gay friend of men, is also a movie book review club President, though often mouth hung with a smile, give a person a kind of feeling of everything is under control, but the appearance is not persuasive, itself is a moderate along with the gender, had been as girls are gangsters threatened when men saved, while the later found is actually saved the appearance of the youths, is a strength unfathomable.

      It feels like a lot of interesting things are going to happen.

      The girl who can see other people's hearts, no matter when, will be lazy, even in the date must be able to yawn. She seemed to have lost her sight in an accident when she was a child, but recovered after the transplant. Since then she began to create, I was said to see it, so it is not possible not to write.

      Xiao xiao: brother? What's for dinner tonight?

      Originally in other cities with parents living in the younger sister, because parents whim to travel, so was sent to the brother is also the hero's side. Slight brother control is a very energetic child.

      Mr. Zhou: this BUG must be removed as soon as possible.

      The deputy director of the micron research institute, since the director is currently out of the state, is basically acting director. He is a famous genius in his field of study. There are many research results in less than 30 years, and he will create his own language when bored. Usually in the institute also very takes care of cheng Chen.

      [scene introduction]

      Around the city of how long you have not seen the pure star yet, do you remember, on the path in the country, the blue bright moon were wrapped in shady, millions of stars, or bright or dark, distant sky, deep night sky, telling the story of silence, with open arms you like to embrace lonely deep space, but the distance between the grass river sound coming with you,

      Remind you, you're not alone

      All of a sudden

      It seems to be said that every star represents a person's fate

      Then you reach out your hand, as if to pick up your own one

      But, do you know, perhaps, in the distant past, in that unknown future, there will be a person and you choose the same star

      Release Date: 2018-12-05

    • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for 蔚蓝月下 Sapphire Moon Steam Key GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for 蔚蓝月下 Sapphire Moon Steam Key GLOBAL may change over time.
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